2017 Yamaha YZ250FH


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Featuring an innovative reverse cylinder head engine, the groundbreaking Yamaha YZ250F has demonstrated it has got what it takes to outperform the toughest opposition. 

For the 2017 model year the YZ250F benefits from a range of important technical changes that are aimed at delivering increased performance and enhanced rideability.

With major enhancements to the intake and exhaust efficiency, together with a slicker shifting transmission and remapped ECU, the 2017-specification engine delivers a significant increase in race-winning performance.

Chassis changes introduced for 2017 include a revised balance of frame rigidity, together with a lower centre of gravity and refined suspension. In addition, the YZ250F's top-mounted airbox and underseat fuel tank help to centralise mass for agile and responsive handling.

With its front facing inlet and rear exiting exhaust, the YZ250F's innovative reverse cylinder head offers many advantages over a conventional design. These include increased intake and exhaust efficiency, as well as enhanced mass centralisation thanks to the use of a top-mounted air filter and underseat fuel tank. Yamaha's engineers have taken this cutting-edge technology to the next level, and developed a new reverse cylinder head that gives the YZ250F rider even stronger mid to high rpm pulling power.

Using feedback from our factory teams, Yamaha has been able to fine-tune the frame in order to ensure that YZ250F riders are able to fully exploit the increased engine performance of the uprated model. Compared to the 2016 design, the 2017 frame is around 12mm wider in the area behind the swingarm pivot point, and this increased torsional rigidity ensures a higher degree of handling stability.

Increased rideability and comfort have been achieved on the 2017 YZ250F through a number of revisions to the front and rear suspension. The class-leading Air Oil Separate (AOS) KYB® front forks feature a new more rigid outer tube design and slightly reduced oil capacity, and these changes - together with new factory suspension settings – give improved rider feedback for improved chassis performance and stability in ruts, bumps and corners.

To achieve a roomier riding position that best suits a wide range of racers, the footrest position on the 2017 YZ250F has been lowered by 5mm. This also helps to lower the centre of gravity to give increased control in ruts and corners.

For improved brake feel, the 245mm rear disc is manufactured using the same heat resistant steel as the 270mm front disc, giving total braking confidence on the fastest tracks.

Quick release fastners on the airbox allows for easy access, to the large capacity air filter.

The muffler is moved forward. The exhaust pipe, which needs a certain length for good low and mid range torque, winds around the cylinder head like a snake, centralising weight.

Riders of all abilities can use the optional Yamaha Power Tuner to adjust the YZ250F’s power characteristics. This compact device plugs straight into the bike without the need for a PC, and enables the rider or mechanic to fine-tune the engine performance in seconds to suit the track conditions.

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